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Awaken your Lemurian DNA.

Become the extraordinary being you’re meant be in this lifetime.

During your lifetimes in Lemuria, you acquired some very special knowledge, abilities and experience. By today’s human standards, your Lemurian selves were amazing and limitless.

  • You were psychic in a multitude of ways.
  • You were telepathic.
  • You were a master of manifestation.
  • You could communicate easily with the non-physical realms.
  • Your physical senses were highly integrated and sensitive.
  • You gave and received LOVE easily and unconditionally.

What if you could learn simple ways of activating and accessing your own Lemurian knowledge and wisdom?

What if you could start awakening those incredible Lemurian abilities in this lifetime?

Wouldn't you want to take the next logical step on your spiritual journey?

Awakening Your Lemurian DNA 

A live, two-session course via Zoom*
April 8 - 9, 2022
11:00am - 12:30pm Hawaii time
(21:00 - 22:30 UTC)
Global dates & times

In this unique, uplifting, experiential course, you'll discover how to start activating and accessing the Lemurian wisdom you chose to bring with you into this lifetime.

You’ll learn how to use SOUND and the sacred frequencies of WATER and MOONLIGHT to awaken your Lemurian DNA.

The Lemurian wisdom you’re carrying in your multidimensional DNA can help you achieve greater clarity about who you are, why you came into this life, and the unique contributions you can offer to this world.

By consciously choosing to activate hidden aspects of your DNA, you can:

  • Expand your 6th sense and psychic abilities
  • Improve your communication with spirit guides, angels and Goddesses
  • Access wisdom and insights to make your current life easier
  • Invite more love into your life experience

*If you're unable to participate in the live sessions, no problem! You'll have unlimited access to the video recordings, so you won't miss a thing.


Learn a simple sound technique to unify your cells and commune with ALL strands of your DNA.


Journey to Lemuria in guided meditation to awaken your Lemurian DNA using the element of water.


Visit Lemuria once again and learn how to awaken even more DNA using the light of the full moon.

Aloha, I’m David Bower.

I’ll be your guide on this journey back to Lemuria to activate hidden aspects of your Self.

When I first heard the word “Lemuria,” I had no idea what it was. But I felt something shift within me, like a switch being flipped on. 

I’ve been sharing Lemurian wisdom now for more than 20 years. My passion is helping people tap into the knowledge, memories, and incredible abilities they brought with them from Lemuria into this lifetime.

Since 2007 I’ve trained nearly 1,000 people in the art of Lemurian Healing™, an ancient, fifth-dimensional healing modality that my wife Mamiko Maridianna and I adapted to the challenges of living in a third-dimensional world. Today, you can find certified Lemurian Healing practitioners in the US, Canada, Australia, Europe, the UK, Japan and China.

Are you really carrying Lemurian DNA?

If you’ve read this far, the answer is yes. If you feel a connection with Lemuria, you're carrying Lemurian DNA.

When you (as your higher self) were planning your current lifetime, you knew exactly what Lemurian wisdom and past-life memories would be most useful to you.

And where is all that information now? Well, much of it has been woven into the various strands of your non-physical DNA.

Using simple techniques, you can consciously begin awakening that dormant DNA.

During your Lemurian lifetimes, you had anywhere from 8 to 12 fully active strands of DNA.

All that active DNA gave you access to incredible levels of universal knowledge, wisdom, and multidimensional abilities.

Are you interested in evolving and ascending in this lifetime? In your current third-dimensional state, you’ll need at least 4 fully active strands of DNA in order to shift to the next higher dimension of life experience.

By awakening your Lemurian DNA, you can propel yourself onward and upward on your path of spiritual growth.

And you can bring more meaning, passion, and joy to your life experience now.

"I was impressed by the beautiful messages I received during the meditations of water, sound, and moonlight. I also discovered the abilities I really want to awaken in myself."

"I enjoyed this DNA course very much. It was a completely different story than the DNA information I had learned before and I was excited to hear it."

"Dear David, wise one of Lemuria, thank you very much for sharing this wonderful course full of the wisdom of the heart of Lemuria. I had so much fun taking this course!"

"For two days, I was able to feel the importance of loving myself. Everything is LOVE."

"Every time I participate, I'm impressed with the energy of Lemuria and the energy of love shared by David and everyone in the group."

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