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Healing Your Life
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Aloha, I’m David Bower. Over the last 15 years, I’ve trained more than 1,000 people worldwide in the art of Lemurian Healing™, a 5th-dimensional healing modality adapted to the challenges of living in a 3rd-dimensional world.

When I first heard the word “Lemuria,” I had no idea what it meant but I felt a shift within me, like a switch being flipped on.

That first spark of awareness was the start of an incredible journey of spiritual awakening, reconnecting with my Lemurian past, and ultimately teaching Lemurian wisdom.

You and Lemuria are connected.

Don’t let that connection go to waste.

Precious few people feel a connection with Lemuria. And you’re one of them.

This means you have a unique opportunity to reawaken and actually use the ancient Lemurian wisdom you’re carrying within you.

In my free online training, I’ll guide you to remember how to heal any area of your life experience and create a joyful, fulfilling life the Lemurian way.

And by learning the fundamentals of Lemurian Healing, you'll experience one of the quickest ways of reconnecting with the high-frequency love and light of Lemuria.

If this opportunity speaks to your heart, I look forward to sharing the power and simplicity of Lemurian Healing with you soon.

Healing Your Life with Lemurian Healing

The live event has passed, but a replay is still available online for a few days. Enter your email address below and get immediate access to the video.

From a Lemurian perspective, healing is the process of transforming your reality from one energetic state to a higher, more desirable state.

In other words, it’s about changing your life on purpose.

Using Lemurian Healing techniques on myself, I’ve been able to heal several lifetimes’ worth of “lack" consciousness and create a life with more freedom and financial abundance than I ever thought possible.

Along the way, I discovered the loving presence of my spirit guides, Goddesses, my own higher self, and inner wisdom I never knew I had.

I also attracted a perfect partner into my life. Together, we’ve enjoyed growing spiritually, traveling the world, and co-creating a fulfilling “family business” of teaching and healing.

And speaking of my wife Mamiko, many years ago she applied the principles of Lemurian Healing to heal through a difficult divorce with grace and ease.

In fact, she shared her journey in a book that inspired thousands of women in Japan to learn how to heal their lives through Lemurian Healing.

Reasons to join this Masterclass

  • You feel linked to Lemuria and want to activate that connection.
  • You want to significantly improve one or more aspects of your life.
  • You feel a depth of wisdom and untapped potential within you.
  • You’re curious about Lemurian Healing.

You are so much MORE
than you’ve allowed yourself
to become in this lifetime.

Aren't you ready for a change?